*Frequently Asked Questions about GRSDM

1. Who developed the seven policy proposals to improve guardianship and alternatives?

Answer: The policy proposals were developed by a coalition of advocacy groups and individuals representing persons with disabilities, the elderly and family members who have concerns about the guardianship system in Texas.

2. Does the GRSDM oppose Guardianship?

Answer: GRSDM is not opposed to guardianship and recognizes that guardianship may sometimes be necessary. GRSDM is focused primarily on promoting alternatives to guardianships and other reforms of the guardianship system to protect the rights of persons under a guardianship.

3. What alternatives are available prior to Guardianship being pursued?

Answer: We want to explore all options such as powers of attorney, advanced directives, representative payees and supported decision making agreements before pursuing Guardianship, which should be the last option before rights are restricted.

4. How does Supported Decision-Making play into the Guardianship process?

Answer: Supported Decision-Making needs to be added to the range of options pursued before Guardianship process begins.

5. Who has GRSDM been working with relating to the Guardianship process?

Answer: The coalition has been educating governmental entities that are reviewing the guardianship system such as the Office of Court Administration and the Elders Committee of the Texas Judicial Council about alternatives to guardianship and other reforms.

6. What is main component of the GRSDM reform process?

Answer: The primary focus of GRSDM is to educate stakeholders regarding alternatives to guardianship and other reforms of the guardianship system.

7. Are there other things GRSDM may focus their efforts on?

Answer: Even though there may be a need to make other changes in the guardianship system, GRSDM is only focused on its seven policy proposals.

* Proposed Legislation for 84th Legislature

GRSDM proposed seven areas for reform of which most were passed into law.

* Texas Judicial Council Endorsement

The policymaking body for the Texas Judicial Branch, the Texas Judicial Council (TJC), studies methods to simplify judicial procedures, expedite court business, and better administer justice. TJC examines the work accomplished by the courts and submits recommendations for improvement to the Texas Legislature, the Governor and the Supreme Court.

GRSDM thanks the TJC’s Elders Committee for endorsing many of GRSDM’s policy proposals.

For more information: TJC Elders Committee Resolution.  Acrobat .pdf icon to link to .pdf version of bill language.

* 84th Legislative Materials